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For more than ten years, Monterey Movers have been in both personal and corporate transportation services, and you can be optimistic that Monterey Movers has an extensive and proven track record of reliable and affordable moving service.


Movers charge for labor, moving truck usage, travel time,  materials used for the move.


Movers In Monterey will help you to relocate your business at anytime that is convenient for you.

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When it comes to providing a seamless moving experience, we’re in it for the long haul.

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Monterey Movers recognize that you heavily treasure all your possessions since they are your heritage, origins, wellbeing, and sometimes come with your remembrances of sentiment. As a professional moving firm in Monterey, California, we realize the importance of expert relocation companies for many years already. We devote ourselves to quality and safety regulations for every operation through our services of packaging, loading, and unloading. Residents of Monterey can rest assured that every move handled by Monterey Movers is the most skilled moving professional with the highest level of care.

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Monterey Movers knows that a company is nothing without its clients and that they can choose Monterey’s most excellent moving companies. Hence, we make sure that we only leverage the fully trained movement experts who can address your concerns or issues on the spot. Consumer care and support quality is the very core of our deep-term success as a local moving company.

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Our Rates

It is our policy, as a moving company, to offer our clients moving services at a price they can afford. To avoid any last-minute surprises familiar with many other movers, we provide information about their move and their respective moving rates. Based on each customer, the moving prices can differ. However, assured you could obtain ethical ways on any residential or technical moving request. What we can promise is that, like many of our rivals, we don’t demand an additional fuel bill.


We offer reasonable prices to fulfill our customers, and to leave their pockets full.


We offer various moveable items such as boxes, tape, specialized equipment, additional trucks, and after-hour service, but may affect your rate a little bit.


To ensure maximum protection of your valuables, we need more workforce, trucks, and equipment for bigger commercial jobs.

What's Included?