Moving Tips

Be ready for your next move.

21-14 Days Before Your Move

This period may be a little too early for planning, but it is prudent to begin packing by this time, particularly if you have a lot of belongings. So, you can start by throwing away things like paint cans, or even that damaged and unused equipment, that is not relevant to you. It is your chance to start a new life. Start determining your move’s finances too.

14-8 Days Before Your Move

You should have everything arranged during this time. Start thinking about all the obligations you still have in your current city, and be sure to complete them all before you transfer. Call your internet company, gas, and electric, any kind of utilities that you need to schedule to shut down the service. Start packing up your larger appliances and furniture as they will be hardest and worst to detach from home.

Day Of Your Move

You should be happy. Begin by gathering keys to everything, including for the property’s owner or buyer. You don’t have to dismantle the beds as we’re glad to do that for you. Before you move, make sure that you’re comfortable in all ways. Keep the paperwork we had in an easily accessible place for you to sign. Breathe because your new life is waiting for you. 

7-2 Days Before Your Move

One week before leaving, you could start asking what you can do next. Start packing up large furniture like TV equipment, silverware, packing suitcases with toiletries, and carrying essential items you’ll need for day one in your new life.

The Day Before The Move

Everything needs to be ready at this stage. You should start taking down the tub or curtain rails, emptying your refrigerator, washing your stove, and packing up your other personal belongings. Let the Monterey Movers then do everything they can to render it smooth.